Creative Commons is the personal website of  (mikkohei13). Most of the content is in Finnish, but here are the highlights in English. See also blog posts in English.

Ongoing projects

Kotka – Museum Collection Mangement System (at work)

Story of a small side project I started as an intrapreneur, which then grew into a national information system, currently used in most Finnish natural history museums.


Weather Station Using Open Data

Data dashboard / weather station that calculates and retrieves data from different API’s and displays them on a screen run by a Raspberry Pi computer. Project description in Finnish.


FinBIF data portal (at work)

Developing the data portal and nature observation system of the Finnish Biodiversity Information Facility with a team of developers and biologists.

Biodiversity Browser

Single-page web application that visualizes 85 million Scandinavian nature observations from GBIF. Data is indexed to Elasticsearch by using my Darwin Core-PHP toolset.

Birding Competiton Result Service

Web application for managing, publishing and participating to (bird) tick contests. Displays results as real time statistics and charts. Examples: list of species, chart of top contestants


Finnish Birds and Observation Towers

HTML5 application that displays bird breeding data and nearest bird observation towers closest to the user’s location.


Winter bird results

Tools to display and compare winter bird census data from Luomus API’s as statistics and charts.
Examples: individual counts per speciescomparison of several censuses (slow for new data)


Birds of Europe

Simple Javascript map application that displays EU Bird Directive data.


Finnish Air Quality API

Service that scrapes air quality data from a website and republishes it as JSON API.
Example data from downtown Helsinki – Interesting Things Summarized

Summaries of some of the things I have read.

Lastuja (Woodships)

Collection of small tests and things to learn.

Archived projects

Finnish parliament API

Service that scrapes parliament votings data and publishes it as XML API. More information in English.

Sensor monitoring with ioBridge

Tools to record weather and other data from ioBridge sensors to MongoDB database.