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Current projects

Kotka – Museum Collection Mangement System (at work)

System for storing and managing zoological, botanical and garden specimens, collection metadata and loans. Started as a side project, grew into a national system. Developed at Finnish Museum of Natural History Luomus, used in several museums accross Finland.

Darwin Core PHP tools

Tools to read DwC files and import them to Elasticsearch index.

Finnish air quality API

Service that scrapes air quality data and republishes it as JSON API. Example data from downtown Helsinki.

Birds of Europe

Simple map application that displays EU Bird Directive data.

Birding competiton result service

Service to create and take part in birdwathing competitions. Displays results as realtime statistics and charts. Examples:

Winter bird results

Tools to display and compare winter bird census data from Luomus API as statistics and charts. Examples:

Lastuja (Woodships)

Growing collection of small tests and things to learn.

Archived projects

Finnish parliament API

Service that scrapes parliament votings data and republishes it as XML API. More information in English.

Sensor monitoring with ioBridge

Tools to record weather and other data from ioBridge sensors to MongoDB database.

Blog posts in English