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Suurpelto – Countryside in a city

Suurpelto (”Great Fields”) is a small rural area located in the middle of the city of Espoo, the second-largest city of Finland. The fields consists of a wide array of rural nature and are used extensively by the public for recreation. However, the future of the fields is lost as a suburb and an office-area is going to be built on the fields, starting in 2006. Soon, the area lives only in memories and pictures.

This gallery presents the nature of Suurpelto, from the beginning of summer till autumn, from early morning through the day. The photos have been taken in 2003-2005.

(See also: Aerial photos of Suurpelto (Henrik Kettunen), Satellite image of the area (Google Local) and Breeding Bird Census of Suurpelto Agricultural Area)

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