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Random Places

The idea of this gallery is to show locations as they are, without selecting only "nice" places to be photographed. This is achieved by selecting five places randomly and taking four photos at each place, one photo towards each cardinal direction (north, east, south and west). Taking photos like this is also fun; you get to go to places that perhaps wouldn't be otherwise visited.

First Snow

Location: Pihlajamäki, about 10 km NE of the centre of Helsinki. Suburb built mostly in 1960's, also some (light) industrial buildings.

Date: November 3, 2007

Map of the places


Sites are selected this way:

  1. Select a point of your choosing. Get coordinates of that point with Google Earth
  2. Create a circle around that point with radius of 500 meters, using KML Circle Generator.
  3. Get northern, southern, eastern and western latitudes and longitudes of that circle
  4. Create five random points with KML Random Points
  5. Save those points to a GPS-device and go out!

Viewing the photos

The photos are shown with Postcardviewer. You need a Flash-plugin installed and Javascript enabled to view the photos.

Click a photo to view it closer. After this you can move between the photos with arrow-buttons on your keyboard. Pressing spacebar shows the thumbnails again.

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